DHB Fraud

Evidence of fake, even illegal patient information, documentation used by DHB’s to obtain consent

HDC Protection

Evidence, HDC is providing protection to medical practitioners is stead of protecting health consumers

100k Reward

$100,000 reward for scientific evidence that can substantiate fraud not taking place against patients

Victims Say

Evidence, Patient testimony right breached, doctors, surgeons,  lying   lying incessantly, harming patients

Patient Rights Advocacy Project

This is a patient advocacy awareness and rights project established in accordance with the Health and Disability Advocacy Code of Practice. Health consumers, in order to receive informed consent and post-treatment care support for laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) surgery for the treatment of gallstones and gallbladder problems, are  to  “take their own action to improve health and disability services”. In this instance, we intend to stop New Zealand’s largest on-going health consumer malpractice fraud. This entire fraudulent operation has taken place under the established protection of the HDC, which we believe has taken extraordinary steps to safeguard cholecystectomy surgeons conducting unethical and illegal practices in breach of the legally enforceable Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. As such, New Zealand surgeons are never held to account for their acts and omissions, heath consumer rights repeatedly breached, patients are being harmed

After reviewing the HDC rulings and their published protection statements, District  Health Board patient information consent forms and opinions presented by New Zealand surgeons, it is  glaringly obvious consent obtained for every patient undergoing gallbladder surgery has been done so illegally

Patient consent has been obtained through coercion, deception and a concealment and misrepresentation of the risks and side effects of the surgery. Patients have been unaware of the risks affecting their quality of life and there has been a failure to provide patients with alternative non-surgical treatment options. In order to maintain the deception, patients are blocked from post-care treatment support equating to gross negligence on behalf of the surgeons.

Under section 240 of the Crimes Act 1961 No 43 (as of 28 September 2017), it is illegal to obtain consent by deception or cause loss by deception. Many patients are discovering too late the loss of their health and wellbeing resulting in a reduced quality of life. There have even been numerous deaths because of a failure to treat side effects.

Open Letters

We present the question in writing: ” What kind of immoral and unethical medical health practitioner, service provider, or administrator, would openly facilitate medical treatment on patients, without telling the truth about the risks of injury or side effects (harm), and in order to maintain the fraud deception, block patients from receiving  post-care treatment support. Some even left with chronic debilitating health complcations with out even a diagnose ?”

This question having already been answered by New Zealand Surgeons,  the Health and Disability Commissioner and previous District Heath Board members. What will their response be, cover up or investigate, contact and prevent?

Take the Patient Survey

Have your rights been violated, was consent for laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery illegally obtained by deception and misrepresentation with a deliberately crafted concealment of all side effect risks and alternative non-surgical treatment options in breach of the Code of rights

According to the HDC and subsequent rulings supporting the opinions of NZ Surgeons, these patients testimonies of Post Cholecystectomy health complications don’t exist are false and as such, the basic human rights (including United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 25) to maintain their health, employment, a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including putting food, clothing on the table, housing and access to medical care to prevent sickness, disability, or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control have not been breached.

According to the HDC, it is not reasonable, legally and ethically required for a patient to be told the truth about treatment side effects risks that affection long term quality or about alternate treatment non-surgical options. Patients have not been harmed by the prevention of post care support in order for surgeons to maintain the deception, cholecystectomy consents obtained through non-disclosure. No medical fraud, gross negligence through omission and failure to provide duty of care or a criminal offence is also taking place.

my life is just ruined with diarrhea (post cholecystectomy syndrome). I take questran which helps but sometimes constipates yo-yoing back and forth. My lifes joys are gone. I loved exploring and going somewhere interesting on spur of the moment and traveling. I live in constant fear of humiliating myself

“since my surgery, the nausea and pain only increased. I have now been diagnosed with gastroperosis.”

“I had my gall bladder removed at just 13 years of age due to two small stones which caused me great pain, three years have gone by and I am now 16 and I am living in hell! I was told by my doctor that removing the gall bladder would take away all my pains so went ahead with the op but instead I have just been given slightly less pain and frequent bowel movements. Every time I eat something slightly fattening, I have to dart to the loo within a matter of minutes, I am not able to eat dairy products or take aways unless I have taken a sachet containing cholestyramine and sometimes that don’t even work. My school life has suffered a lot, I not only still get stomach pains and frequent bowel moment (about 6 times a day) I am also suffering from back pain and low energy. I would advise anyone NOT to get their gall bladder removed unless it is the only option available. I am 16 yet am unable to enjoy my life as I always worry about going to the loo or constant pain, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone”

I recently had my gall bladder removed about 9 months ago. I am miserable and feel alone in this fight. I have bloating , nausea, headaches, I get light headed and even my back aches whenever the bloating begins. Everytime i eat this happens.I immediately feel tired and it feels like i can’t breath.Sometimes it lasts for about 15 min then it slowly goes away. This happens everyday and sometimes i am bloated all day long. Please. I would advise anyone to be careful and research this before getting the surgery.

My life has changed and i am very sad because i wonder how long i will have to live like this. Please Please if some one knows a doctor or anyway i could get help please respond to this. I am desperate and hurting because no one seems to be able to help me.

“I too have had my gallbladder taken out 2 years ago and since then everytime that I eat I get horrible stomach aches and then I have to run to the bathroom. And sometimes I just get really bad stomach aches that make me feel like I can’t breath and I try to relax for a few minutes but it usually don’t work”

“I can spend the rest of my life worrying about my children and not worrying about if I am going to make it to the bathroom or not. I am only 21 I have the rest of my life ahead of me. So if anyone can please help me.”

“I had my gallbladder out when I was 15. Of course I knew nothing about the long-term effects, and had absolutely no choice in the matter. I’ve since suffered with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, stomach pain, intolerance to alcohol, and excess weight around my middle. I’m now 28. None of my doctors ever attempted to make a connection between the loss of my gallbladder and these symptoms. I never received any support or practical solutions of any kind from my doctors at that time”

” I had my gall bladder out two years ago and had terrible attacks for the year following my surgery. The pain was unbearable. The pain was the worst in my right side under my ribs and eventually spread across my entire abdomen. During my attacks my stomach became very, very tight. My attacks often occurred at night – they woke me from my sleep. They usually occurred if I was sleeping on my stomach. My attacks aren’t so severe now – knock on wood – but my stomach pain still often wakes me up at night. My right side is always tender and sore. I am always constipated, but when I take in more fiber, my pain in my right side gets worse. My doctor thinks my problems are caused from acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome”

I had my gall bladder removed 31 years ago and was originally told that all would be well after surgery and I could eat anything I liked. So not true!! Admittedly milk and butter and cream all tasted different, but my gosh I had a cream cake and it was as if i had never had the surgery.

I struggled for years with what seemed to be IBS and repeated attacks of stomach pain that left me drowsy for 12 – 24 hours. So don’t listen to anyone who says there are no after effects – so untrue

” I had my gallbladder removed in 1990 and have suffered from the “dumping syndrome” ever since, yuck! How familiar it is to hear your stories of dwelling around the bathroom for several minutes after eating. I, too, have been unable to get a medical answer as to what causes this problem. My mind started wandering over the gallbladder removal process and got me to thinking “what is different about me since having surgery”?”

My daughter had her gallbladder removed 4 years ago and has had ongoing nausea every day since. She has attacks with excruciating abdominal pain which many times have caused her to be taken to hospital by ambulance. 3 Gastroenterologists, 1 naturopath , 3 psychologists later, she has just had botox injected into her bile duct because they suspect bile duct spasms. only 3 days post procedure and we are hoping for the best. She has also tried gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free to no avai

mine (gallbladder) was removed for nothing. it never had stones nor sludge. i have biliary dyskensia and they SHOULD HAVE addressed that issue and helped me with it instead of yanking my GB