1500+ testimonies of the health complications experienced after cholecystectomy procedures, all of which could be used as affidavits contradicting Health and Disability Commission’s rulings blocking patient rights for receiving informed consent and even ongoing post treatment medical support because: .

HDC: “Removal of the gallbladder is generally considered to have no lasting consequences, although some people experience more frequent and less formed stools or diarrhoea”

And went to advocate decision to block informed consent to patients:

HDC: “do not consider that further medical advice is necessary” when a New Zealand surgeon discloses general and specific complications, those arising interpretatively, or well recognised post-operative complications (such as bleeding, infection)

Some cholecystectomy victims indicate they would like to sue their surgeon for not disclosing the truth about long-term complications and risks to health.

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The following testimony with gallbladder surgery in is not dissimilar to the thousands of victim’s disparately desperately seeking help through online medical support groups. For some, life a has been a sheer living hell. Testimonies like was presented to the HDC and dismissed. According the the HDC and subsequent rulings presented by New Zealand Surgeons  to patient medical reviews,

I’m 17 years old. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 16, I have headaches, nausea, bloating, cramping, pains, insomnia, hard to concentrate…

Now, I’ve been researching the factors of symptoms after the surgery. I am aware that 40% of patients who go through the procedure experience difficulties.
I am also aware that there is nothing to be done, that this is the lifetime effect.

I have an incredibly healthy diet…now after surgery.
From my research, . Iit seems we should be taking enzymes to help us digest fat and possibly Cholacol, or bile salts. Since, the gallbladder creates bile.

I just want to be normal healthy and well.
I fear I cannot be.

I know what’s wrong, I know the side effects of surgery. I do not want to take silly placebos or pain killers. I want to be better.

Is this non-repairable?. Is there no turning back?
Can we only ease the pain? … Someone enlighten me. Is there a way to fix it?
What have the doctors told you?

Patient cry for help unanswered. Final words hours before taking the only option to end suffering one year post cholecystectomy.

“ I been sick for a year I feel like I’m getting worse my GI dr pushed of to pain mgmt
….before the surgery I was average joe now if I can get symptoms under control
I don’t how much longer I can go on like this everyday. I have to amazing kids and husband. And I can’t be the wife or mother I want to be…”

RIP Ange 2015 , beautiful young mother and loving wife